*Term & Conditions apply refer to “Sales Order Form”

  1. Application for Malaysian only.
  2. The package price is only applicable within klang valley of Peninsular Malaysia, service perform beyond klang valley is subject to additional charges.
  3. Use of parlour is subject to availability.
  4. Taoist prayer service only covers Hakka, Cantonese or small prayer service (choose either one)
  5. The Packages shall be executed restricted to the radius of 35KM from Wing Wah office, herein called “Location Limit”. The company reserved the right to impose additional charges for case beyond limit.
  6. Items specified in the package are not exchangeable or refundable even if the family members ops to cancel any of the service listed in the package of the performance of such service listed in the package cannot be carried out due to circumstantial issue. The family members shall not be entitled to any cash refund.
  7. In the event the casket carrier or transport designated shall be unavailable or unable to be used due to any unforeseen circumstance or any circumstances that are beyond the control of the company, the company reserved the right to use any other transportation as replacement without any liability.
  8. The Package or any of the items comprised in this Package is not

returnable and exchangeable for whatsoever reason and the price paid is not refundable and exchangeable.

  1. Additional fees will be charged for any service not stated in the agreement.
  2. Change of funeral coach and/or Casket and/or Urn and/or any items are subject to price adjustment.
  3. Certain items are on rental basis only.
  4. Additional night of funeral service and/or additional items are subject to additional charges.
  5. Local customary practice is subject to additional charges.
  6. This funeral Service Package(s) excludes burial plots, cine version ary urn compartments, pedestal for ancestral table and tomb.
  7. Sales Agent and Sales Staff are NOT allowed to collect CASH directly from client.
  8. All pictures / images if this brochure are for illustration purpose only. And does not form part of offer or contract.
  9. This brochure is for general information only. This is not a contract/agreement of sales and purchase. The information contained herein subject to changes as may be required by relevant authorities.
  10. The terms and conditions in English of this leaflet shall prevail all other versions should any conflict or inconsistency arise in the interpretation of the content herein.
  11. The Company shall reserve tot eh discretion to change the terms and regulations without notice.