Wing Wah is a time-honored funeral company that has been in business for more than 20 years in Malaysia. We insists on providing the most professional, careful and comprehensive one-stop funeral service

The main purpose from Wing Wah is to help more families to provide quality funeral ceremonies, burial and cremation services from time to time with affordable price

Life is not eternal, it comes unexpectedly. Many would panic and be overwhelmed.



As a 20 years of funeral service providing company, we respect traditional customs, and combine modern operations to coordinate and arrange tedious funeral and funeral matters:

- Declare Body Claim Formalities

- Funeral Service Arrangement

- Religious Buddhist / Taoist ceremonies

- Venue deployment

- Decorated Memorial Altar

- Offering (vegetarian & fruit)

- Cremation / Burial

- After Care Service

However,We are here for you! Our professional team will guide you through the standard funeral process here.

We will relieve you and your family members from all anxiety and perform a no-regret farewell ceremony in the most personalized and professional way.